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Failure to properly manage drivers led to “immense amount” of prohibitions

KevinRooneyA transport manager who lacked the hunger for compliance has been disqualified from working in the role for five years. 

Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney took the action after finding the TM didn’t have the necessary knowledge to carry out the job. 

Mr Rooney said drivers hadn’t been properly managed – which led to “a simply immense amount” of prohibitions being issued. 

DVSA examiners reported the operator’s vehicles had picked up eight prohibitions in the first four months of this year. A total of 30 had been issued to vehicles on the licence over the previous five years. 

Shockingly, defects on 14 of the prohibitions would have been spotted if drivers had done satisfactory walk round checks. But they didn’t. 

And one of the prohibited vehicles was actually being used in excess of the operator’s licence authorisation. 

A public inquiry also heard that 8 out of the operator’s 15 drivers claimed to be self-employed through their own limited companies. Mr Rooney said the operator’s licence would be curtailed to 7 vehicles indefinitely if he didn't receive evidence that drivers were lawfully employed. 

Mr Rooney concluded the transport manager had forfeit his good repute and would be disqualified for five years. He added that a robust and knowledgeable transport manager needed to be put in place for the operator to keep its licence.