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Traffic Commissioner takes action after “serious, reckless error of judgement”


The director of a haulage firm has had his professional driving licence revoked after being told he should never have got behind the wheel of his vehicle.

West of England Traffic Commissioner, Kevin Rooney, said the director made a “serious, reckless error of judgement” by driving when he was probably suffering from fatigue.

He started at just before 6am and was driving again almost 18 hours later. He was also reported for travelling the wrong way around a roundabout.

The director admitted his mind wasn’t on driving due to personal issues.

This led Mr Rooney to say he should never have been behind the wheel.

During a conduct hearing, the Traffic Commissioner also found the director had driven vehicles to and from maintenance providers without a card in the tachograph head.

As well as revoking the director’s professional driving licence, Mr Rooney also banned him from holding or obtaining an operator’s licence for two years.

The latest written decisions by traffic commissioners are published here.