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Date: 15th June
Course: Driver ADR Training
Location: Felixstowe
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Date: 18th June
Course: ADR Tanks Course
Location: Felixstowe
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Date: 20th June
Course: Driver CPC Training
Location: Felixstowe
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Date: 29th June
Course: Transport Manager Refresher
Location: Felixstowe
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FORS Consultancy

FORS  Consultancy Services             

DHT is supporting many companies in their goal , with customers proudly displaying their logos on Emails, Letterheads and most importantly of all on their vehicles. 

What’s in it for me? Support, Information & Development

The whole concept behind FORS was to support the Freight Industry in improving its image, it was so successful that it changed to include both Freight and Passenger thus becoming the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. FORS has a bank of tools, education options and support for compliance that any member will benefit greatly with three levels of accreditation, Bronze, Silver & Gold.

The process is not one to be under estimated, there is no stone left unturned in the audits and you are expected to both monitor and maintain your accreditation.


You may be confident you have dotted the “i’s” and crossed all the “T’s” but over two thirds of the industries are found wanting in many areas.

 With our comprehensive set of policies, procedures and handbooks we are now your one stop shop to gain your FORS accreditation at every level. Once in place we urge you to utilise them and build from this entry level platform (Bronze).

£2995.00 + VAT


Your company has been running FORS bronze for a minimum of 15 days by now, but we urge you to consider at least Six months of capturing data, monitoring compliance, utilising all the training aids and getting a feel for what is required from you. How do you now monitor C02, Accidents, Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) and how do you keep on top of your whole fleet performance? These are the questions you need to answer before picking up the phone to us or even considering the next step. We can help you or we can manage the whole process for you and have packages to support your business going forward.

£1500.00 + VAT


This is the highest level which can be achieved, once here you can join the few who have proved their compliance, dedication and intent to improve the image associated with large vehicle operators. This may be a daunting step for any operator but let us guide you through the whole process, we have the experience and tools to provide you with all the support required as a few of our customers are already proudly displaying their Gold Logo on the  roads across the U.K..

£2500.00 + VAT

We can also offer Compliance Audits at £595 plus vat 

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