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ADR Awareness Training

 Dangerous Goods Safety Awareness

There is a specific legal requirement under the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 and in ADR that requires Companies involved in the carriage of hazardous goods by road, rail, air or sea to provide training for all personnel involved in the process.

There is a popular misconception that it is just drivers who require training, however all personnel whose duties are involved in any way with the carriage of dangerous goods by road, air or sea must undergo training appropriate to their responsibilities and duties.

Warehouse packers and loaders, forklift truck drivers and even the van driver who delivers only small amounts of dangerous goods should have training to ensure not only that they can identify the hazards associated with the products that they are handling, but also know what to do if things go wrong.

Because there is no national syllabus for ADR Awareness training we have the freedom to tailor our courses to meet the customer's exact requirements, but our courses usually include:

  •     Hazard classes;
  •     Correct selection and labelling of packages;
  •     PPE and transport requirements;
  •     Packers and Loaders' responsibilities including fork lift operations where appropriate;
  •     What to do in an emergency;
  •     Dealing with spillages and environmental contaminants;
  •     Requirements for using UK toll tunnels or the Eurotunnel freight services.

All awareness courses now include an introduction to Dangerous Goods security.
All courses are delivered by our own DfT registered ADR instructor, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor and can be delivered to suit staff availability or shift patterns at our training facility or at your own site subject to suitability.

A certificate is awarded to each delegate to add to your training records and whilst there is no specific requirement to refresh this type of training, Don Hunter Training Services Ltd recommends that refresher training is undertaken every five years in line with other mandatory ADR training.
If you would like to discuss refresher training, why not contact us for friendly impartial advice.

The cost of Safety Awareness Training is available on request.